black belt gold and silver brown belt with black short sleeve shirt black belt with studs

Looking for a simple way to “Splash-up” a simple outfit?  WEAR A BELT!

Belts are the easiest and yet most overlooked and forgotten accessory in a wardrobe.  Whether it’s a belt looped through your jeans and slacks, or worn around the lower or upper waist, belts can make a whole look come together.

There’s no secret to it, just more attention.  While for many belts are a necessity, and believe me I understand completely, why not explore into different styles, colors, prints etc..?  As a Fashion Diva, I’ll be the first one to say I too love accessorizing my outfits with Jewelry, Shoes & Purses, but let’s face it…Belts are not given nearly the attention as other accessories.

Stop reading for a minute and think about the belts you have in your closet.  Now ask yourself how often you wear them?  And do you tend to have your “go to” belts that are given more attention?

My point here is this, look through your personal belt selection, then look through your clothing.  I’m betting you have NEW outfits that could be created by adding a belt.

Our body shapes are all different and I understand that what works for some will not for others.  This is not about having you be or try to look something your not.  It is about you working with what you already have both physically and in your closet!

As always, still needing a little boost or help in finding that look you want, feel free to write me at or stop on by Sassy Pantz boutique in Hopkins.


Fashion Diva

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