Socks blog jan 28 2013

What a funny request for someone to even ask of you because most people do wear socks anyway. Let’s face it, its cold where we live and socks are a necessity for most of us to keep our feet warm and protected. But what do your socks say about you and your personality? Much can be learned about ourselves and our personalities by the socks we wear. Think I’m crazy? Read on and when you’re finished you just may find yourself asking what do my socks say about me?
So you wear socks, right? What’s the big deal and what does that have to do with anything about you and your personality? Well, it’s not about the kind of socks you wear for example: knee highs, booties, wool, cotton, nylon etc… What I’m referring to is mix and match. Mix and match? Yep! Mixing and matching the socks you wear.
Have you ever worn two pair of socks intentionally that did not match? Who would think of doing something like that intentionally right? And more importantly…WHY? I find that people who wear two different color socks, or even matching socks of bright funky colors are secure in who they are and are less controlled by what others may think of them. It’s a stigma that we place on ourselves that we have to be matching or look like everyone else or even our own rigid beliefs about how we must look.
Now, I’m not here to make anyone feel offended or bad about the socks they wear, nor criticize who they are as a person. I’m simply daring you to step outside of your “comfort zone”, your “box” and have fun with expressing your inner self and personality through your socks. Wear funky colors, grab two socks that fit the same but are different colored or designed. I know you can do this and now is a perfect time as most of us are wearing boots. After all, who’s really going to see them anyways right now but you? Just try it and have fun, let yourself freely choose your socks to wear. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and find you like colors and cool patterns you never thought you’d wear before.
I’d love to hear from you how it’s working and see your pictures. At the very least you may find yourself laughing more and smiling more.
As always, still needing a little boost or help in finding that look you want, feel free to write me at info@sassy-pantz.com or stop on by Sassy Pantz boutique in Hopkins.

Fashion Diva


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