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I believe the word “Fashion” and its true meaning(s) are either misunderstood or lost in the perception of many. Webster’s Dictionary shows us three definition of the word “Fashion”. For our purposes, let’s focus on the first.
1 a: the make or form of something
The make or form of something can be defined on its own to mean many things too. I believe many interpret the word Fashion to have some hidden meaning of – Lots of money to buy designer and/or expensive clothing, accessories and jewelry. I know that I did for many years. “Well, if I can’t afford the most expensive…..then I guess my sense or style of Fashion is somehow less than.” WRONG!
I’m going to be blunt and get right to the point here – your style and sense of Fashion begins with you and only you! It shouldn’t matter how much something costs, where you purchased it (new or used for that matter), or the name sewn to it.
This is where you need to understand, that your Fashion is your own style. Oh, don’t worry, we will get into how and why we torment ourselves to look like everyone else in several Blogs down the road. Today I want to share with you how a simple change or twist in your “Up-Do” is all you sometimes need.
Meet a local bartender, and we will name her Veronica. Veronica has to wear a standard uniform every night for her shift. It is not a glamorous outfit to say the least! As I walked in and sat down, I was taken aback by her “Do”. I couldn’t see that she was wearing a standard Polo Shirt and Black slacks that were required of her. All I saw was a stunning woman with a beautiful smile and kick butt hair-do!
How did she do it? Well, bobby pins assisted in holding the curl off to the side on top of her head. A pony tail, held by a regular scrunch and a red ribbon bow and finally, big curls from a curling iron. She wore red lipstick to match her bow and BAM! She looked amazing!
How long did this take her? Probably not too long as it appeared to me she had done this many of times adding a new color of ribbon for the bow at her own whim.
You see, with a little time spent playing around and exploring, your hair-do is what I view as another accessory. Work it and use it! Short hair to Long hair – there are fun ways you can “change it up”. Barrettes, Clips, Scrunchies, Headbands or Wraps, Hats and more…
Now I know most of you are groaning right now and either saying to yourself, “I don’t have that kind of time or my hairs not long enough….” STOP right now! Creating a new “Do” is probably a bad idea when you’re racing to get out the door for work or a first date – LOL! However, you have other opportunities to play around and just need to make time and give yourself free reign to have fun.

As always, still needing a little boost or help in finding that look you want, feel free to write me at info@sassy-pantz.com or stop on by Sassy Pantz boutique in Hopkins.

Fashion Diva

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