Fashion Tips and More Coming Your Way

As a Fashion Diva and owner of Sassy Pantz, I am asked about Fashion Tips and the Do’s & Don’ts.  What makes me the Fashion Diva?  I am inspired and have enjoyed working in Fashion Merchandising, Modeling as well as in the Financial Business world.  I have not only witnessed but I myself, have made similar mistakes in the past when trying to put together a stylish outfit.  Working both professionally and personally with customers, clients and friends, I am frequently asked “how should I…..” or “Can I…..” and even just plain “help….”

If you watched my segment for Sassy Pantz on Twin Cities Live, then you got a taste of how and why I love doing what I do – working my own sense of fashion, style and flare.  It’s easy and fun and affordable if you do it right!

Starting January 21st, I will be blogging on our website once a week with Fashion Tips as well as the Do’s & Don’ts.  Click the link above, scroll down the left side of page, click on “Follow Blog”.

Because we believe there’s a little Sassy in all of us and there is NEVER too much bling!

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